Lewisham: The center of my Saturday shopping experience. It has every shop I need for every need I have to shop for. Food? Sainsburys or M&S (after pay-day). Cleaning products? A choice of 3 pound shops (and one 99p store for super frugal days). Fruit and Veg? Market stall. Sewing supplies? The wonderful Rolls and Rems. I could go on.

On a visit just before Christmas last year I noticed a new shop had arrived next to Costa coffee, opposite Boots the Chemist. It was a shop I’d never heard of before but one which had a window full of things I wanted (not needed, or had room for, just wanted).

Tiger. Apparently Tiger started 12 years ago in stylish Copenhagen, their pricing system is simple, everything is priced in whole pounds and nothing is more than £30. The shop is full of quirky and stylish products for the home – think all the little bits in Ikea that end up in your trolley that you had no intention of buying when you went into the store 7 hours and three arguments ago but you had to have them to cheer you up but different, cooler and more timely.

The Tiger website isn’t an online store but it does show you an array of their latest offerings and will tell you where your nearest store is … I’d get down there quick smart if I were you.

3 thoughts on “Tiger: Like Ikea but less argument inducing

  1. webmasterpluc

    There’s some crazy stuff there. I first spotted one of these store in Southside, Wandsworth, so was delighted when it arrived in Lewisham. One of my neighbours also can’t stop buying things from there!

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