On Wednesday my ‘Partner-in-Craft’ Hannah and I went to the London Sketch Club in Chelsea, an amazing club formed over 100 years ago by newspaper illustrators and designers looking for somewhere to hang out, drink gin and oogle (I mean paint) naked ladies. We visited not so much for the ‘smoking and conversatione’ advertised here but to see the silhouette artist Charles Burns and his new book Mastering Silhouettes, A practical guide to silhouette portraiture showcasing Charles beautiful work.

Using surgical scissors and squares of black paper Charles cuts silhouettes ‘live’ (no bright lights and profiles shadowed on walls for him). He has cut silhouettes of the great and the good including the Queen for her 80th Birthday (as Hannah said ‘a bit like making stamps then’) and now me…

Not entirely convinced about my nose, would quite like to snip a little off the end but pretty impressive for 90 seconds work. When I get the chance I shall try my hand at mastering silhouettes but for now I am pleased I have finally mastered the spelling of it.

One thought on “silhouettes seems to be the hardest word

  1. vicki

    At least you know yours isn’t that big, imagine if he did one of me!!!

    Ellie (mini me) and I are loving all your makes, we hope to attempt something this weekend although apparently we have to make a 3D welsh symbol for school to honour St david’s day. We are heading down the route of daffodils, with welsh love spoons for the not so enthused, ie male child. Wish us luck!!

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