I don’t want to blog about this website presentandcorrect because I’m scared if I tell you lot about it you’ll buy all the stuff and there won’t be anything left for me. Maybe though you won’t feel as desperate a need as I do to own some 1950’s Czechoslovakian bon bon bags or some vintage money bags with nice typography and some holes in them. (Why not?)

I don’t know what I’ll do with them when I have them apart from save them for A Really Special Occasion in A Really Safe Place (for A Really Long Time probably).

They also have lots of useful things like …. um … these …

for putting paper clips in.

My lovely friend over at thetreasurehunteruk first mentioned this site on her blog and I am forever grateful to her. She is a good spotter of good things.

3 thoughts on “I really don't want to post this …

  1. thetreasurehunteruk

    The stuff on that site is gorgeous – there are so many things I want to buy! I particular love the Czech matchbox pix – reckon they’d look great in little frames or on the front of handmade cards.

  2. Matt Inwood

    What a beautiful, beautiful place you’ve created. A little cork board to keep on wanting to come back to: see what you’ve pinned up next. And all that you show off here, even that which doesn’t belong to you, does belong to you. It’s all in your beautiful curly head. They’re all things which I see through your eyes (past the curls), which makes them all more special than they might already be.

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