About four years ago I bought a pack of veneer wood, about 15 sheets of terribly, terribly thin wood in different colours and grains. I bought it to make some monogram gift tags for my Christmas presents. The wood was so thin it kept snapping as I was cutting it so I got cross, shoved it in a cupboard and forgot about it … Till now… The other day I was looking around for crafty inspiration when I came across this at the lovely blog that is youaremyfave

Well, that totally inspired me to have a go and make something similar. I went for a more eclectic woodland and I wanted to incorporate my Most Favourite Bird Ever the Owl. Then as I can never stop myself doodling on a blank piece of anything I used a white pen to illustrate my trees and owls.

If you want to know how to make your own follow these instructions…

This mobile is super delicate but it does make the most beautiful noise when moving in a slight breeze. Oh, and if you want some veneer wood I found mine here on ebay