I would like some chevron fabric. It’s not much to ask is it?

Well, apparently it is. Though some (me) would say that chevrons are The New Stripe and the thing to be decorating your house with this season others – meaning every UK manufacturer and distributor of fabric – seem to disagree and I can’t find any for love or money … Some may say I’m backing the wrong horse but across the pond in the good old U.S. of A it’s chevrons a-go-go, (though I have just been out there for two weeks and still couldn’t find any)  hmmm has my stylee sense got it wrong this time?

I don’t think so … The chair above is amazing and from popular high street store Urban Outfitters. The American branches anyway ($349 if you’re interested (click on the picture to go buy)).

I guess I could go down the DIY route like this natty little number

taken from Pinterest, click for original

Or Etsy is awash with cushions

1. £10 SewGracious click here to buy
2. £22 Dekowe click here to buy
3. £20 MissyMackCreations click here to buy

But really all I want is a couple of meters of grey chevron stripe material to cover the padded top of an old wooden chest I have. Anyone have any ideas?


Here are some photos of my friend Stu’s beautiful house lovingly decorated by his own neat and tidy hand. I used to live with Stu and we were only allowed things that were neutral, new or navy blue. Thankfully his tastes have matured over time and now his house makes me ever so slightly sick with envy whenever I visit.

Fingers crossed I may have found my Actual New House now. I’m saying no more as it’s a long old process but maybe one day I can do some proper posting on proper decorating…


This is my bookshelf, my beautiful colour coded bookshelf, the shelf above has the blue and green spined books and the one below the black and white. On this bookshelf are some useful sewing books, some useful fashion reference books, my lovely Couturier catalogues as previously discussed here and a couple of international editions of our book. There is also one book on the bookcase that I have had for almost a year but have only had the briefest of flicks through. It’s the lovely big fat one called Design*Sponge At Home full of inspiring interiors, home makeovers and general lovliness. It’s written by Grace Bonney and is based on her awesome blog Design*Sponge


I bought it when I was in the midst of moving house and was looking forward to using it as my bible when redecorating The New House. Sadly The New House never materialised (though I live in hope that one does turn up soon)and as I’d made a pact to myself not to open the book till I was in said (or any) New House the book has remained shut…


Last Friday I visited a house that totally deserved to be within the covers of this book and is now my number one inspiration for The New New House. Owned by my friend Megan the house is full of quirky little knick-knacks, bold colour choices and eclectic bits of furniture that all work together to create a warm, welcoming, sophisticated home. That I really really want. Whilst poking around Megan’s blog the-colonies.com I found out she also has an Etsy shop selling stuff. Good stuff. Stuff that I am totally going to buy when I finally get The New House. (I wonder if she’ll sell me the elephant puppet? Love him.)

For Megan’s shop click here

To get your own copy of Design*Sponge At Home or for more inspiration pop on over to here