paper bits

I’ve mentioned before my love of seemingly pointless little bits of printed paper and ephemera. It’s a love that isn’t going anywhere any time soon, in fact if anything I think it might be growing.

paper bits 3

At college I was quite organised with my scraps of serviettes, ticket stubs and foreign sweet packets and I kept them all filed in a series of photo albums. Over time these albums have been neglected and now my precious pieces of paper are stored in drawers; knicker drawers, sock drawers, knife, fork and spoon drawers. Essentially anywhere in the house that I can tidy them away quickly always promising that I Will Deal With Them One Day. Well, that day has come. Having found two lovely large box frames at a boot sale the other day I realised they would be the perfect showcase for my papery bits ‘n’ bobs.

paper bits 2

I have made one for my bedroom and one for the lounge. I painted the backing card the colour of the walls and mounted the pieces using a mixture of spray mount, foam pads (the kind used in Decoupage to give height) and small dress making pins. I didn’t want all the pieces to be stuck down flat so using a mixture of these three sticky things I was able to keep a nice variety of heights and shapes.

paper bits 4

Some of the pieces are personal to me; that’s my birth announcement in the bottom right. Some are holiday reminders; Finn Air towelette anyone? But all of them have a nice bit of design going on and inspire me every time I look at them.

picture in lounge

pictures behind glass are hard to photograph

If you want to start (or develop) your own paper addiction then always look in the small dusty boxes at car boot sales and junk shops or head over to Present and Correct for your next fix.

christine year planner

I have a bit of a problem with diaries, every year I buy one, get all stressed about filling it in incase I ruin it by spelling something wrong or writing in the wrong date and then by February I give up entirely and frustrate my friends for the rest of the year by never being entirely sure what I’m doing when.

I got a bit better when I invented my month-to-view printouts that I used to design every three months typing in each date individually and then carrying the A3 printouts round folded up in my bag or clipped to a massive clipboard…

my calenders

This year I thought maybe a year planner would be my best bet, something so big that I would always know where it was and could quickly see how my year was panning out. I found some really nice ones online …

doodle yearplanner

Doodlelove £12.50 Love the little sayings at the beginning of each month but couldn’t quite get my head round the months going from top to bottom rather than left to right.


Lollipop designs £14 Love this but ditto the above

present and correct yearplannerPandC closeup

Present and Correct £11 how cool is the idea that you tear off the days as you go but the year seems to work backwards which made my brain hurt a little

crispin yearplanner

Crispin Finn  £12.50  Crispin colours everything he does in a limited palette of red, white, blue and brown paper and what’s not to like about that.

but none were quite right … so I made my own.

sewyeah year planner

Granted it almost drove me insane drawing all the boxes and typing in the numbers and I did waste most of January doing it but it’s just the colours I want and now I’ve done it once it’ll be easy to update for next year. It cost me £10 to get it printed at the local print shop and hopefully, maybe I’ll be more organised from now on.


It’s that time of year again, when it snows and we freeze and Fashion starts to tell us what we will be wearing when it stops snowing and we thaw out. Over at Marie Claire we’ve been slaving away to make another delicious edition of our fashion bible Runway.

Inspired by next seasons trends and also the 60’s design movement known as Supergraphics this issues design is bright, bold and striking. I made this Pinterest board for inspiration.

Like fashion Marie Claire Runway is …





educational (er, i’m sure you can learn important life lessons from a skirt)


informative (again, trousers have a lot to say if only we’d listen)


and fun


Unlike fashion Marie Claire Runway is in the shops for a limited period from today so go get yours NOW!

Charley Harper Darwins Finches £50

My new house (I’ve moved don’t you know) has walls, lots of walls. My old house only had room for one large picture but now everywhere I look there is a wall crying out for a poster, a print or a photograph.

I have a problem buying art. A lot of the things I like I think I could either A: Do myself if I had the time. Or (more often) B: Get so jealous that I couldn’t do it myself that though I love it I feel ever so slightly depressed when ever I look at it.

But today I have found a brilliant website that has so many prints I like that I could probably do the whole house in one go. It all started when I was looking online for a Charley Harper print  (no, not a picture of Charlie Sheen’s character in Two and A Half Men, that is this  Charlie Harper), I love his graphic style and bold colours, I love the fact that he illustrated Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two Cookbook in the 50’s, I love it all really.

From Betty Crocker’s Cookbook

So I’m very excited that I’ve found Elphicks an online shop (and actual shop in Columbia Road, London) that has so many prints I want to own. Right. Now.

Wayne Pate £65

Wayne Pate £65

Marcus Walters £50

James Brown £20

Blanca Gomez £35

Blanca Gomez £35

Claire Hartigan £20

Ingela P Arrenius £18

The prints range from small to large, cheap to a bit spenny. There are Limited Edition Prints, Signed Prints, Litho, Lino, and Screen prints, Giclee prints and Tiny prints (lots are sold as more purse friendly greetings cards).

To see the rest of Elphicks collection head over there now  (or click on one of the above prints)

I still think the Charley Harper will be the first purchase though.