We all know I like a bit of typography and last night whilst watching telly, surfing the net and cutting one million and one felt circles for a new project I visited my friends Master E’s excellent blog social nesting.com and spotted these paper plates


magpie designs paper plates £10

I’d seen these plates before and though I love them I wasn’t sure what I could use them for… I knew I would never be able to eat off them as they were Just Too Pretty. But the wonderful Master E has come up with a cunning plan. His blog is full of crafty makes, junk shop finds and renovation projects which make him (in my eyes) the UK’s Grace Bonney (though he may or may not be actually Canadian, (apologies E if you are or aren’t and I’ve offended you one way or the other!)) and by simply sticking the plates up on the wall of a nursery he has created a thing of genius. Clever boy.

from socialnesting.com

Fortunately the designers of these plates have also created notebooks

magpie notebooks £6

and mugs

magpie mugs £8

so Im sure I’ll be purchasing something from them very soon… Visit Socialnesting.com here and Magpie Designs here


Here are some photos of my friend Stu’s beautiful house lovingly decorated by his own neat and tidy hand. I used to live with Stu and we were only allowed things that were neutral, new or navy blue. Thankfully his tastes have matured over time and now his house makes me ever so slightly sick with envy whenever I visit.

Fingers crossed I may have found my Actual New House now. I’m saying no more as it’s a long old process but maybe one day I can do some proper posting on proper decorating…

This is what my lounge looked like a month ago.

I wasn’t making a Gastro Pub style feature wall but more boringly fixing a damp problem. Even more boringly I wasn’t doing this in The New House just getting The Old House ready to sell. I had a bit of a dilemma as to how to decorate the wall when it was finally waterproofed and re-plastered, previously I’d put up a nice bit of wallpaper and I wanted to replace this BUT I didn’t want to spend a fortune on paper that (hopefully) I wouldn’t be looking at for much longer and that also might get ripped down as soon as the New Owner moves in.

I wanted to find a wallpaper that I could live with for a couple of months and that wouldn’t break the bank. There are millions of nice paper designs out there in every colour way and pattern possible so to stop my brain exploding I narrowed my search down by choosing a colour scheme of black/grey/silver and looking for a nature inspired print.

In general it appears I have expensive taste as all my favourite papers were around the £60 a roll mark. Which is acceptable if you’re only doing one wall or a couple of alcoves but can get a bit prohibitive if you’re papering a whole room or the paper has a massive repeat as you end up wasting a lot of paper making the pattern match up.  These were my ‘dream choices’

from left Marimekko Biloba Wallpaper £56.95 from John Lewis
Family Tree Wallpaper £59.95 from 95%Danish
Harlequin Silhouette Wallpaper £58 from John Lewis

Then I moved on to some more attainable ones…

from left Sanderson Squirrel & Dove Wallpaper £35.46 from Housedecorltd
Graham & Brown Mirage Wallpaper £21.99 from Homebase
Cottonwood Leaf Wallpaper £25.90 from Laura Ashley

But the one I went for in the end was this …

… which was a bargain of £13.99 from homebase. It only took about two hours to put up with a couple of limbo moves trying to get it behind the staircase, but I managed it apart from this little problem I had right at the very end of the wall, and apparently the roll!