Christmas is closer than it was last time I posted a Christmassy craft project … Anything that doesn’t move should be being decorated. Food that you don’t think about any other time of the year should be being consumed (Mince Pies, Devils on Horseback, Mulled Wine, Brandy Butter) and bad bad bad songs should be being danced to at Christmas parties.

I have yet to start any of the above (apart from maybe the mulled wine and mice pie consumption but then that started in September.)  I have made this forest though, which is a start.


The basic tree shape is easy to make and using different colours and textures of paper you can build up acres of forest very quickly.

Here’s how to do it.


It would make a very stylish table center or above a fireplace (watch the flames!)


Happy Christmas

from Everything Oz

For some reason Summer has decided not to end this year (not that I’m complaining.) but if your garden is lacking a little colour right now then these giant paper poppies could be the answer … until it starts raining … (which as Miss Jones just pointed out will probably be on Sunday when the Paralympics come to an end and they go all sad and limp … as do we).

The lovely people over at Laura Ashley have put the step by step instructions and templates from Everything Oz up on their blog so if you fancy making a few head over there now.

There was one step they missed out though… Finish with a liberal sprinkling of fairy dust!

If you like that  … Try …

More Giant Flowers A project I did for Hobbycraft and an ‘amazing’ video of paper flowers actually growing! Click here to view


Similar but not the same as last weeks ribbon flag project and the two would work wonderfully well in conjunction with each other; this lovely large banner of flags adorning a gorgeously iced birthday cake surrounded by millions of flag topped cupcakes. Yum.

The method of making this banner is pretty much the same as the flags. See here for the step by steps. I used two lollipop sticks wrapped in Washi tape (what’s Washi tape? This is Washi tape) and wrapped the flags around a piece of embroidery thread. I fixed the thread to the lollipop sticks using a bead and a pretty pin. Job done.


My mum is a very clever lady, she pretty much taught me all the craft stuff I know (apart from the stuff that happens In The Garage which I learnt from my dad). She’s also a lady who likes to be busy All The Time so when I can I like to keep her occupied setting her tasks and problems to solve that help me out with projects I’m working on.

The latest task I set her was making some miniature knitted bunting that I plan to use when I shoot my next books. I cannot knit. Well I can, I can make scarves and blankets for dolls and things that are square and things that are rectangular. Anything that doesn’t involve more than casting on, knitting and casting off then I’m your gal but when it came to triangles they are slightly beyond me. One wheedling phone call later we have Mums Mini Bunting. Cute.


Cast on 12 stiches
Knit 3 rows
Knit 2 together at either end of next row (=10 stitches)
Knit 3 rows
Knit 2 together at either end of next row (= 8 stitches)
Knit 3 rows
Knit 2 together at either end of next row (=6 stitches)
Knit 3 rows
Knit 2 together at either end of next row (= 4 stitches)
Knit 3 rows
Knit 2 together at either end of next row (= 2 stitches )
Finally Knit 2 together and cast off. Ta-dah!

Mums top tip? These are much easier to knit when you are not watching telly and trying to help Dad with the crossword at the same time as it’s easy to lose track of your rows.