tassel main 2


I love these tassels! They are super easy to make and are a really nice way to adorn anything from bags to cushions and curtain tiebacks. As they are made with garden string they are a bit more robust than ones made from wool. I have two tied to my back door key and the keys for the summer house. They are so large and bright that I never have to worry about losing them …

To make your own simply follow the steps below.

you will need

String I’ve used one from Nutscene, they have loads of bright and cheery colours to choose from and these rolls are £3.60 each.
Gold thread or thin ribbon
Bleach (economy toilet bleach is fine)
Small china bowl
Piece of card approx 13cm tall

Tassel step 1

one: Choose your twine


Tassel step 2

two: Wrap the twine around the piece of card about 30 times


Tassel step 3

three: slide another piece of twine under the top loops and tie a tight double knot.


May I introduce the new (to the UK) stationery brand Kikki K …


Dala horse Kikki k


You know when you see something that makes your heart stop for a moment and then race ten to the dozen? – For some people that thing is the Love Of Your Life, or a cute puppy or a parachute jump – for me it’s notebooks, pens, pencils, tiny post-it notes and giant year planners. Staplers, greetings cards, jazzy sellotapes and fancy drawing pins.

If you feel the same as me then you should hot foot it down to Londons Covent Garden and spend some time (probably between 20-90 minutes) at Kikki K.




Kikki K was founded by Kristina Karllason when she realised that all the lovely stationery and organisational bits and bobs she had taken for granted in her native Sweden didn’t seem to be readily available in the rest of the world. So she designed her own.


Kristina Kikki k


I was lucky enough to meet Kristina when she popped over to the UK to check on the new store from her home in Australia.  We spent a happy hour chatting about all things paper (and me sniffing the notebooks). It was fascinating to hear how Kristina had come up with the idea in the first place; having no set plan on what her new business was to entail she struck upon the idea of nice stationery when she was organising her desk in preparation and realised there was a gap in the market for nice paper goods.  I like to think she was procrastinating a little like I do when faced with a new job or project … “There’s no possible way I can begin this project until all my pencils are sharpened, I have a new notebook, I’ve ordered the exact shade of green ink I need for my fountain pen, the skirting boards have been dusted and the cupboard under the stairs is tidy”.



mindful journam kikki k


To help the procrastinators among us Kikki K does a lovely range of journals to help you organise your thoughts, dreams and plans as well as pretty much everything else your little stationery heart desires.


notebooks kikki k


To see more of the Kikki K range head over to their website by clicking here AND if you sign up for their newsletter you get a £5 gift voucher for use instore or online (with no minumum spend this is pretty cool!!)

Paper straw valentines arrow sewyeah

Looking for an alternative idea for your Valentines Day cards this year? This simple craft project is super quick and easy to make. It also has a secret love message hidden inside …

thin coloured cardpaper straws
craft knife and cutting matt or scissors
arrow head and tail template (click here for download)
little bit of washi/masking tape.


valentines arrow step 3

one: download, print and cut out the arrow head and tail template. Draw round or tape it to a piece of coloured card.


valentines arrow step 4

two: Use scissors or a craft knife to cut out.



I was invited to create a heart inspired project for the super inspiring 31 days of Love series over at redtedart.com – A blog full of creative things to do for kids, with kids and by kids! I came up with this cute heart mobile idea using my favourite craft material – felt!

Here’s how to make your own…

Felt in 5 colours (approximately 10 x 20 cm large)
Water soluable pen or tailors chalk
Embroidery threads in black and various other colours
Embroidery needle
Bakers twine
Paper straw



Download the heart template here, cut out and then pin to a piece of felt folded in two.



Cut out the felt heart. Then repeat with the other felt till you have hearts in five different colours (you will have 10 hearts in total)



On to one half of each heart pair draw eyes using a water soluable pen or tailors chalk. I’ve given each of my hearts a different expression.



Use black embroidery thread and sew the eyes onto each heart.



Use a contrasting colour of embroidery thread and stitch two matching felt hearts together. Blanket stitch works well and so does a more simple running stitch or over stitch. Leave a little opening at the top, fill with a small amount of toy stuffing then stitch closed.



Add some rosy cheeks by dipping the end of a cotton bud slightly dampened into a blusher compact. Dab the cotton bud onto the heart.



Thread a large needle with a longish length of bakers twine, sew through the top of the heart. Tie a bow then trim one end short and leave the other on the needle long to fix to the straw.



Push the needle through the straw (try not to bend it as you go). Decide where you want the heart to hang then tie a double knot in the twine and trim. Make a hanging loop by threading a piece of twine about 50cm long through the straw at both ends. Knot to secure.


Hang and admire.


If you are looking for more crafty felty projects my book Felt Sew Good has over 30 to choose from! Click here for more info.