About four years ago I bought a pack of veneer wood, about 15 sheets of terribly, terribly thin wood in different colours and grains. I bought it to make some monogram gift tags for my Christmas presents. The wood was so thin it kept snapping as I was cutting it so I got cross, shoved it in a cupboard and forgot about it … Till now… The other day I was looking around for crafty inspiration when I came across this at the lovely blog that is youaremyfave

Well, that totally inspired me to have a go and make something similar. I went for a more eclectic woodland and I wanted to incorporate my Most Favourite Bird Ever the Owl. Then as I can never stop myself doodling on a blank piece of anything I used a white pen to illustrate my trees and owls.

If you want to know how to make your own follow these instructions…

This mobile is super delicate but it does make the most beautiful noise when moving in a slight breeze. Oh, and if you want some veneer wood I found mine here on ebay

(large image from somewheresplendid.com necklace from baublebar and nail varnishes from Essie)

I have mentioned my love of neon before (right here). The wonderful Stedders has also mentioned it here on her blog The Frugality (and she’s ‘in fashion’ so she knows). AND over at Modernmummusthave Erica has found some nice neon and neutral bags, just the colour-way I like; neon with brown craft paper or natural tones, beiges and nudes.


These are some bracelets I made last night. You don’t get a step by step guide for this make as they really are simple: If you can plait, thread a bead onto some cord and tie a knot then you are equipped with all the skills to make these bracelets.



Plait and bead
Cut three 30cm lengths of bead cord, tie together at one end and thread on a 5ish mm diameter bead. Start plaiting the cords together for about 3cm. Then thread a smaller bead onto one of the cords. Continue plaiting for another 1cm then thread another bead, make sure you thread the bead onto the same piece of cord so all the beads end up on the same edge of the bracelet. Plait, bead, plait, bead till you’ve made the bracelet long enough for our wrist. Plait for a further 3cm, thread on another larger bead and tie a knot to finish. Done.

Cut one length of cord an out 30cm long. On one end thread on a charm and tie in place thread on a small bead and tie a knot as close as you can to the bead. Leave about 6cm of cord bare then tie a knot, thread a bead then tie a knot, bead, knot, bead, knot, bead … Skip to the end … For about 30 beads. Repeat what you did at the beginning at the end. Done.

Silver & beige
Cord 25cm, knot, bead, knot, 10cm bare, knot, bead x 15, knot, repeat previous. Done.

Silver & pink
Cord 25cm, knot, bead, knot, 10 cm bare, knot, bead, bead, knot, 2cm bare, knot, bead, bead, knot, repeat once more, repeat beginning bit. Done.

Gold medallion
Cord 30cm long. Thread one end through the hole in the ‘medallion’ then tie a knot as if you were tying a school tie. Thread a bead onto the short end of the cord and tie a knot. Thread the long bit of cord through the other side of the medallion and repeat the beginning. Done and done.

I was going to show you a picture of the bracelets on arm but all my arm self portraits looked a bit like I’d wrapped the bracelets round a passing elephants trunk.

P.S. The most exciting about this post is if your repeat the title over and over again you become an actual human beatbox! Knotsnbeadsnknotsnbeadsnknotsn. Go on, try it.

So it’s Easter soon. This means chocolate, bunnies, chocolate, eggs, hot cross buns, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. But if you want to give a treat that is a little longer lasting then this bunny egg cosy is a perfect Easter gift. He is super speedy to make; cut out. Sew up. Done.

You can download the template here and below are the steps.

click to enlarge

If you aren’t a great fan of eggs you can always turn this little cutie into a soft toy by simply filling the bunny with toy stuffing and sewing up his bottom. Make sure you close the hole between his ears as well.

Favourite Easter joke
q. What do you get if you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole?
a. Hot cross bunnies.