circus egg decorations2

This morning I sat down at my computer with the sole aim to write at least 5 blog posts as I know I have been woefully lacking recently (I have written three books in my absence so I haven’t been totally lazy). Instead I have managed just one, but I hope you think it’s a good one?!

CIRCUS EGG printable

click image to download

Introducing Cirque Des Oeufs, my specially designed Easter egg printable for one and all to download, printout and decorate your eggs. Click the picture above to download the PDF or click here.

circus egg decorations1

P.S. Don’t forget last year I gave you instructions to make this little cutie, Click here to get the instructions and template

Sewyeah bunny egg cosy

So it’s Easter soon. This means chocolate, bunnies, chocolate, eggs, hot cross buns, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. But if you want to give a treat that is a little longer lasting then this bunny egg cosy is a perfect Easter gift. He is super speedy to make; cut out. Sew up. Done.

You can download the template here and below are the steps.

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If you aren’t a great fan of eggs you can always turn this little cutie into a soft toy by simply filling the bunny with toy stuffing and sewing up his bottom. Make sure you close the hole between his ears as well.

Favourite Easter joke
q. What do you get if you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole?
a. Hot cross bunnies.

When looking for Easter inspiration I found these little neon beauties from a most excellent guest blog post by Courtney from Merriment Events on the inspirational  Ohjoy blog. Click the image below to head over there to get the step by step guide…

Happy Happy Easter