Marie Claire Runway Spring Summer 16 has arrived, and it’s big, bold and beautiful! Here’s a little sneak peak of what you can expect …



There are a lot of bright colours and clashing prints coming up in the next few months so to celebrate this I joined forces with artist Camille Walala to create this cover based on her signature style of graphic prints and loud colours. Camille has decorated everything from buildings to bedrooms and table tennis bats so a magazine cover was relatively tame for her!



I continued the collaboration theme throughout the issue working with the awesome Megan Penfold who created all the hand drawn lettering and illustrations for the news section of the mag where the highlight has to be an interview with 90’s keep fit legend Mr Motivator.




Photographer Sara Morris and I spent a fun couple of days creating all the mini sets for the trends pages.


behind the scenes silver


I spent rather a long time (like, pretty much forever) cutting out over 200 paper dolls and accessories to make the miniature worlds. The models were very well behaved and did exactly what I asked of them … apart from when they were falling flat on their faces – but that can happen to the best of them.






I couldn’t bear to throw these girls away so if anyone can think of something to do with them just shout!!

There’s loads more to see so get on down to a newsagents NOW!