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March is a very special month for my mum. In it she has two days of celebration. 1. Her birthday 2. Mothering Sunday. Some years these two occasions land on the same day so sometimes a bit like those poor people whose birthdays fall on December 25 she misses out on the full quota of gifts and treats.

This year the two events are separated by a couple of weeks but as I wasn’t able to see mum on her birthday (she was on holiday) and I’ll be away for Mother’s Day I hosted a special breakfast in bed extravaganza last weekend.

Having said that I didn’t really have much time (in between packing, tidying the house and work) to organise it all but I found wonderful wonderful Marks and Spencer was the perfect one stop shop for everything I needed …

Flowers delivered on the day.Tick


M&S do a great variety of cut flower bouquets and actual planted plants (always better value if you ask me as you get a plant that will last and often a useful receptacle for doing useful things with). Prices start at £20 and delivery is free. Click here for more info.

Special china. Tick


There’s a pretty range called Spring Meadow which has everything from mugs to seat pads. The floral pattern is really cheery for a breakfast table. Click here to see the rest of the range


If you’re looking for something slightly more refined for your mothers Earl Grey Kirstie Allsopp has done a range of bits and bobs including a bone china teacup set and an all-in-one-teapot and cup combo. (A very clever idea and apparently something my mum has wanted for ages). Click here to see what else she’s been up to.

Yummy breakfast goodies. Tick


I couldn’t resist these Lemon Shortbread biscuits as they come in such a pretty tin that would be Really Useful For Keeping Things In when all the biscuits are gone (about 20 minutes in our house) and they’re a bargain at only £3. I also served Welsh Cakes, fresh fruit, yoghurt and honey and a delicious apple and cinnamon granola musli thingy which is so much more than a breakfast cereal (I reckon it won’t be long before mum is mixing it into her crumble toppings and flapjack recipes). Click here if you’re feeling peckish.

And finally if you can’t decide what to buy or need to send something small in the post then this pretty gift card is just the thing. Tick and tick. Click here for more info


For more Mothers Day ideas visit the M&S website where they’ve put together lots of handy Mothering Sunday gift ideas.


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