Sorry my posts have been a bit thin on the ground for the last couple of weeks but I’ve been busy doing this …



This …


And this!


Normal service will be resumed shortly with lots of lovely new home crafts, decorating tips and interior makeovers (till the money runs out).


Similar but not the same as last weeks ribbon flag project and the two would work wonderfully well in conjunction with each other; this lovely large banner of flags adorning a gorgeously iced birthday cake surrounded by millions of flag topped cupcakes. Yum.

The method of making this banner is pretty much the same as the flags. See here for the step by steps. I used two lollipop sticks wrapped in Washi tape (what’s Washi tape? This is Washi tape) and wrapped the flags around a piece of embroidery thread. I fixed the thread to the lollipop sticks using a bead and a pretty pin. Job done.

We all know who this is. Right?

And we all think this is a jolly nice bit of design. Right?

from Grain Edit

SAME GUY! Apparently when Dick Bruna the well loved Dutch author/illustrator of Miffy (top picture in case you were wondering) wasn’t drawing rabbits in dresses and Poppy the Kind Pig Lady he was illustrating book jackets for the family firm A.W.Bruna and Zoon.

Between 1957 and 1970 he created over 2000 illustrations for Black Bear books. Inspired by Mattisse, Leger and Mondrian his striking imagery was very indicative of the time. Surely he and Saul Bass (my other design hero) were great friends … or maybe great rivals?

If you want to own your own little bit of Dick Bruna art (and Miffy skipping doesn’t quite cut it for you) then is selling original and second hand books for the princely sum of 5 euros each.

I have bought these five and will be framing and hanging them in pride of place in one of my many new rooms in my Brand New House which I have actually found now and am moving into next week! HURRAH!

PS. One thing about the Retrobook site is that the preview images are ver ver small (on my browser anyway) but I guess that just means it’ll be an extra treat when I get my parcel delivered and I can see the typography properly.

; Hurrah for Team GB and and all our wonderfulness! I’m not sure if this little lady should carry the flag at the closing ceremony but if you want to adorn your celebratory cupcakes, sandwiches, pies or pretty much anything you can stick a pointy stick in then here is a quick and simple make that will take you seconds! If you need some ribbons then the wonderful people at Jane Means ribbons have a beautiful array. enjoy!

And next Friday there’s another mini ribbon make. Hurrah.