Some may say 9am is too early for cake. Not I. To me cake is a perfectly fine food for any meal. My favourite Christmas breakfast is warm Christmas cake (in the microwave for seconds so the marzipan and icing gets hot but not melted) and natural yoghurt (see, it is healthy).

Here is a cake of joy and surprise which Hannah created for our book Everything Oz. She has been kind enough to share the recipe and instructions on her blog the wonderful Couture Craft. So if you have a special occasion this weekend that deserve a rather special cake then head over to her blog and have a go yourself…

Once you’ve got the basic method sorted then there’s no end to the colour combos you can do with the cake… Graduated blues from dark to pale, alternate pink and chocolate stripes, a pastel version. Every time a different surprise when the recipient cuts into the cake.

Er. YUM!

Click here for the recipe and step by step photos.