I bought these delightfully cute/scary/pretty/weird* doll faces from Craftability in Ipswich last week when I was up there watching the new issue of Marie Claire Runway being printed (looking good, out 26th July). I don’t know what I’m going to do with my faces and can’t even work out how they attach to the doll… Glue? Stitching?

Craftability is one of those lovely craft shops full of random bits and bobs that you just have to buy because They Might Come In Useful One Day. The staff were really helpful and gave me lots of help on my embroidery issues … Top Tip: When embroidering with metallic floss use two strands of metallic and four of a normal floss in a matching colour. You still get a metallic shimmer but the floss goes through the fabric much easier.

You can visit Craftability online here or in St Lawrence Street, Ipswich.

*delete where appropriate