Today’s post is bought to you by the letter C.

C Facts

1. This letter C is 5cm high
2. It’s a necklace of painted wood
3. I bought it from Beyond The Valley, a shop that used to be in Newburgh Street, London. I went down the street the other day and unfortunately it’s not there any more.
4. It’s made by a company called Haberdash House, this is their website selling quirky and unusual jewellery. I’m not sure if they are still making the necklaces (they are currently out of stock on the site) but these brooches are cool.

5. If they don’t sell the necklaces anymore I’ve found these two that are equally lovely.

They are both by Maria Allen and you can visit her website here. I’m trying to work out what other letters I can buy so it doesn’t look too strange that I’m wearing random initials round my neck!
6. It’s in a vintage circus style font, possibly drawn specifically by the jeweller. You can download some good free circus fonts here
6. Good words that begin with C: Crikey, cruciferous and Christine (obvs)