Today’s post is bought to you by the letter R.

R Facts

1. This letter R is 15 cm high
2. It’s made of stainless steel.
3. I traded it for five magic beans from a man I met in the street on the way to market
4. I didn’t but its a better story than where I actually got it from … Yup, it’s another Aladdins Cave find.
5. It’s almost Garamond and almost Charter but actually neither, so it’s something else entirely… look
6. Good words that begin with R: Remarkable, rambunctious and rufty-tufty

This season Marie Claire Runway is bought to you by: Pink gin. Moncler Eskimos. More crazy earrings courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana and Really Beautiful Weather.

The magazine is looking good so far, some late nights ahead but when it’s playing with fashion and fonts, who’s complaining.



Today’s post is bought to you by the letters C & K & E & A (and the amazing word these letters spell when put together in the correct order)

C A K E facts

1. These letters are between 5 and 12 cm high
2. They are made of Plaster of Paris
3. I bought them from Shelf; a lovely shop that used to be in East London but now only exists in a virtual world. They still sell the letters as well as other delightful things like 12 paper goldfish (I’m sure they have a use, just not sure what it is), posters by new and established illustrators and designers, wooden birds and magnetic Dutch children.


4. Apparently they are replicas of letters originally used in silent movie captions that the Shelf owners found in a barn in the Californian desert (good fact, hopefully true). You can make up your own words from the array of different letters and fonts they stock. Click here to start choosing your word…


5. They’re in some lovely 1920’s san serif font.
6. Good cakes are: Cheesecake, French Fancies and Tunnocks Tea Cakes