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Today’s post is bought to you by the letter B.

B Facts

1. This letter B is also about 22cm tall, I think this may be the standard height for ‘display letters’. 22cm is in typography terms 623.6220474 points*
2. It’s made of wood and covered in material that is slightly padded, so though it is soft to the touch it still leaves a nasty bruise if it falls from a shelf onto you toe. Fact.
3. My lovely friend Lady Berridge bought it for me from the U S of A about six years ago. She got it from Anthropologie in New York and said the B stood for ‘Queen Bee’ which apparently I was. You can still get similar ones from Anthropologie here
4. It’s in good old Helvetica Black (possibly Extended). Yum.
5. Good words that begin with B: Bonza, brouhaha and butler (preferably a monkey one).

*In typography points are the universally used measurement of size. A letter that is 1cm high is 28 pts.

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