Here is a trumpet (possibly bugle for the brass instrument pedants among us). It belongs to me. I bought it from a car boot sale in the aforementioned Lewes. It was one of those rare occasions when you set out to a car boot thinking ‘I really need a trumpet’ (I said it was rare) and you actually find one. For £4. I am showing it to you here as I am about to show you this …


Two lovely little bits of press about this here blog. First one is from the awesome Mollie Makes Magazine a beautiful magazine produced in Bath (My second home – not literally but spiritually) full of inspiring craft projects. It was a real surprise to see this in the mag so thank you muchly.

The second is from Company Magazine. I did know about this one as my friend is the Art Director there but still didn’t expect a page. Again thank you muchly.

Two great magazines out now. Go buy.