Crikey! I’ve just found these ‘filed’ in the back of a cupboard in my bedroom. I put them there when I moved into my house 8 years ago. As I’m currently trying to move out of my house and seeing as I haven’t looked at them since I’ve been here I guess I don’t really need them any more.

Years ago I loved Elle (these issues are from 2003-2008), I remember the excitement I felt at the beginning of each month waiting for the new issue to come out; ‘Who was going to be on the cover? What nice typography was going to be showcased in the mag that month?’ These covers show the gradual change in direction over the years from the youthful women’s magazine it was to the style bible it is today.

I remember loving that Jordan cover…’oooh sunglasses, no eye contact on the cover… Brave.’

What do I do with them now? Recycle? Ebay? Shove them back in the cupboard and slam the door?